Brothels poland

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Prostitution in Poland

brothels poland
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A normal birthday party in Poland (Andrea Bardzo).

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Polish Prostitutes – Meet The Forest Whores Outside of Warsaw

‘Any Idiot Can Find a Brothel in Krakow’

Poland is a safe, civilised, wonderful country.
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A breezy poll Polish police gave 80 prostitutes from the greater area of Warsaw and Gdansk last year led to a pretty bad result: a third of the girls tested positive for HIV. Twenty weiners they're doing per day--well, what kind of math did anyone expect? We spent four days with the prostitutes on the street who work on the roadsides between Krakow and Katowice. During that time their pimps tried to beat us up, the girls spit at us for trying to photograph them, and we met Magda and her year-old-daughter. A wholesome team.

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