Time cop sex scene

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time cop sex scene
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Mia Sara nude - Timecop (1994)

More than most movies about time travel, "Timecop" invites you to meditate on the logical contradictions of the genre., He's the guy they send when you're wasting time!

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But if you seek jump spin kicks, you should watch his earlier movies instead. Timecop boldly opens, challenging its viewers by posing the question: If a bunch of Confederate gold is highjacked by a time traveler during a wagon trail hold-up in s Georgia, does anyone care? But honestly it was kind of a cool scene that, despite my joking, opened the movie with a bit of integrity.

Post a Comment. Time Travel Movie Fest: Timecop. Wait, this is ? Oh, nevermind. It sure does smell like an 80's movie. Balloon men in the mall, doing splits.

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