Sex with sex robot

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Sex robots now have 'Foreplay' mode where users can VIRTUALLY seduce dolls

sex with sex robot
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Sex robot demo: Sergi reveals Samantha's various modes

Government officials have no idea how to regulate the growing sex-robot industry

The robots are here. Are the "sexbots" close behind? Amid reports from the Drudge Report to The New York Times , sex robots are rapidly becoming a part of the national conversation about the future of sex and relationships.
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Unsettling Sex Robot Looks Almost Exactly Like a Real Person

Realbotix has launched the new mode within its RealDollX app , which sex doll owners can install on their smartphones. The app features a virtual version of the Harmony sex robot, which users can give different personas, body shapes, wardrobes and even voices. Move on to the Foreplay Mode and find out what the most pleases you and your partner. She wants more. Experiment, and choose your favorite position and reach climax together. By Shivali Best.

ROBOT sex dolls are increasingly big business and manufacturers are claiming their products are so lifelike people are even marrying them. The UK's first sex doll brothel opened earlier this year - though in Italy one was shut down. Here's everything you need to know about the growing phenomenon.

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  1. McMullen has designed two previous sex robots which called Harmony, who has a tiny waist, a generous bosom and is so lifelike she'll even orgasm during.

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