Ds doll sex

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This sex robot company is ‘cloning’ real life women

ds doll sex
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In a world full of 3D-printed organs, internet-connected homes, and cars that drive themselves, there's one futuristic technological development that is sorely missing: the robot., Science Fiction Sci-Fi.

First, Realbotix announced its first-generation sexbot RealDoll X , equipped with artificial intelligence, will go on sale this month. Now Chinese love doll manufacturer DS Doll is giving a visual update on progress creating its own robotic love doll head. The highly realistic face of a Chinese woman with shoulder length dark hair and lovely features makes natural movements as she speaks. The first-generation head will be to able to smile, blink, and make other lifelike facial expressions. These movements will be operated by either a smartphone app or game controller.

The Ultimate in Realism and the ideal match for the Robotic Head. Your location does not matter, as there will be additional language support within the App. All aspects of the App will be responsive to your wants and will.

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