Boomerang sex scene

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Robin Givens Boomerang (1992) HD 1080p

boomerang sex scene
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By Heidi Parker For Dailymail. Boomerang starred Eddie as hot shot advertising executive and womaniser Marcus Graham who gets a taste of his own medicine when he meets his new boss Jacqueline Broyer - played by The Perfect Match actress Robin Givens - which forces him to reassess his chauvinistic behaviour and outlook on life.

Robin Givens - Boomerang (1992)

Boomerang is a American romantic comedy film directed by Reginald Hudlin. The film stars Eddie Murphy as Marcus Graham, a hotshot advertising executive who also happens to be an insatiable womanizer and male chauvinist. When he meets his new boss, Jacqueline Broyer Robin Givens , Marcus discovers that she is essentially a female version of himself, and realizes he is receiving the same treatment that he delivers to others.

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Story: Boomerang is a romantic comedy filmed in about a player named Marcus Graham. He is an advertising executive who just got a new female boss named Jacqueline Broyer. When he meets her, he is fascinated by her because she is a female version of him. However, he finds himself thinking he is in love with her and she does to him what he has done to so many women over the years. Plot: This film starts out with Marcus seeing a beautiful female walking a dog.

For his 11th feature film, Murphy is credited with the high-concept story, developed by scripters Barry Blaustein and David Sheffield as a cornball tale of comeuppance. Film works best when Murphy plays up his strong suits, including a childlike innocence, flair for mimicry and self-deprecating humor. The film might have worked if the thoroughly selfish characters were striving after something. Supporting cast is strong: Givens is very convincing in the Rosalind Russell role; Berry is alluring throughout. Costume designer Francine Jamison-Tanchuck and the rest of the crew have fashioned a wish-fulfillment context that is escapist par excellence. Editing is inconsistent, with early scenes running too long and many truncated in the last half.

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