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polly walker rome sex
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Rome - Polly Walker

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Polly Walker - Rome season 1 compilation

Their animated graffiti and crude scribblings on the walls and streets make the ancient city look every bit as hardbitten as Tony Soprano's empire of suburban New Jersey. Inevitably, Rome , with its sex, violence and intrigue, has been compared to its stablemate HBO drama about a 21st-century mob family. And the script, although clunky at times, does successfully bring a modern sensibility to the ancient epoch.

Oh lord, yes! Atia had some hot romps, and Pullo seemed to have fun a couple times. A wonderfully smart and sexy show.
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Polly Walker - Rome

HBO Rome first season sex and nude scene collection polly walker 5 min Alice Henley and Simon Woods sex scene in Hbo Rome (better video quality).
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Not logged in. - One example is that the actor shown in the series working as a butcher on the streets of Rome was in fact a real-life butcher.

Described as the Ancient Roman 'queen of mean', Atia niece of Caesar and mother of Octavia and Octavian is snobbish, cunning, sexually voracious and totally amoral. We're judging Atia by modern standards, says Polly, when in reality Ancient Rome was a completely different kettle of fish. She's a survivor and that's what you had to be. In fact, if she had been a man, her behaviour would have been considered admirable, Polly insists. She's just extremely ruthless, which in a man is considered to be terribly attractive in a way while in a woman it's considered an ugly trait to have.


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