Rehab pool party sex

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rehab pool party sex
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Rehab Pool Party - Hard Rock

Rehab Pool at the Hard Rock Hotel is just one of several pool parties around the resort corridor., Planning a girl's weekend in Vegas , which includes a red eye flight Sunday night back to the east coast.

This is the location of the original pool party in Las Vegas. Come for strong drinks, big crowds, and loud music. The Rehab Pool Party really let me know that I'm too old for this ish. Sure there are beautiful people, but most of them are pretty obnoxious and it's definitely overpriced.

In a city that is oozing with sexuality and whose beverage of choice is no less than 50 proof, it's easy to get mixed up in one of a hundred different clubs. To make sure you get caught up in the right party, though, you must do your research - Which one has the lowest cover charge?

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