The best position for oral sex

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These Positions Will Take Oral Sex To The Next Level

the best position for oral sex
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Once thought to be a strictly frivolous form of indulgence, modern science hypothesizes that oral sex is actually rooted in our biology as an evolutionary aid. And, despite reports that oral sex has become more common in recent years, history tells us that lovers have been going downtown since the beginning of time.
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Best Oral Sex Positions

4 Mind-Blowing Oral Sex Positions

27 Ways to Up Your Oral Sex Game Even More

Lying on your back is the most surefire way to get off from oral, say most experts. But if you've got time to explore, test out one of these saucier oral sex positions. Fully Clothed POSE: Just hike up your skirt or dress sorry, this won't work with pants and sit on the edge of something while he kneels between your legs. No need even to pull down your undiesójust push them aside so he can get to work. The immediacy and spontaneity of it will feel supersexy. PERK: You can take it out of the bedroom to the couch, a kitchen chair, his home office

Most women can't get off from penetration alone and dudes love BJs so oral sex is a staple of every rocking bedroom.

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  1. No matter who is going down on whom, the goal is to make oral sex feel as good possible. Here are some tips to make that happen.

  2. Because everyone loves a good oral sesh. Use these hot oral sex positions as foreplay or as the main event. No rules here! 1.

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