Topless day nyc

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PHOTOS: 8th Annual Go Topless Day March in New York City (NSFW)

topless day nyc

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Go Topless Day NYC 2018: Start Time, Route, Street Closures

Across the country, women and men took to the streets to protest everyone's right to go shirtless in public. Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio has conceded that baring one's chest in public, regardless of gender, is a "First Amendment protection," although he prefaced that by saying "It makes no sense, but. Not your or anyone else's respectability politics will stop these paradegoers from celebrating boobs.

But to fight old-school stigma and misogynist political animus, a brave band of activists gathers to march with their shirts off at the Go Topless Day Pride Parade. Every year, the holiday brings together painted, costumed or just bare-chested New Yorkers to defiantly show off what they've got and crush dated social norms. Here's everything you need to know about the big day. Since , women have had the legal right to be topless in public in New York. In fact, most states have laws protecting public top nudity.

In fact, all those who support gender equality are welcome to free the nipple and proudly march through Manhattan. Go Topless Day encourages women and the fellas! NYC legally allows women to be topless, but for full safety, police will block off the parade route. For more information, check out the official Go Topless Day website.

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