Blue violet ice cream

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Try Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams new Frose sorbet for a grownup treat

blue violet ice cream
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Violet Blue (Interracial Cream Pie Cuties 2)

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Tasty cone ice cream with freeze red blue violet vector image

Tastes like marshmallow cereal milk! Two ice creams in one pint: blue violet and vanilla marshmallow swirled together. Supermoon is inspired by two classic.
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Categories Ice Cream. - Cream cheese ice cream layered with crumbles of soft vanilla cake and swirls of made-from-scratch caramel-butterscotch sauce.

Mouth-filling and palate-gripping with a pleasingly dry finish. The most amount of Fair Trade cocoa and the least amount of anything else. A tried-and-true marriage of grass-grazed milk and mounds of Fair Trade cocoa, plus a touch of honey. Salted ground roasted peanuts with grass-grazed milk and crunchy, dark chocolate flecks. Fire-toasted sugar with sea salt, vanilla, and grass-grazed milk.

I tried this recently, as well. I love floral flavors, so I enjoyed this. I tried the salted honey pie yesterday Sunday, April 29, Jeni's - Supermoon. The flavor is called Supermoon. Jeni's initially released it in Spring

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