Nipple piercing large breasts

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Nipple Piercings on Large-Breasted Women (With Photos)

nipple piercing large breasts


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What You Need to Know About Getting Nipple Piercings, According to Four Women

Do nipple piercings look good on large breast?

You are probably not Rihanna, but you can become a little more like her with a nipple piercing or two. Getting one is a little more complicated than simply putting on a necklace , of course, and it can certainly hurt, but don't let that stop you if your heart is set on it. The know-how of a trained professional and proper aftercare techniques will make the process as smooth as possible.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Currency Pair Crocodile. Back in my teen days, tasting on two nice boobs was a constant theme in my dream, I dreamt of it regularly LMAO. In those terms, pierced boobs should have figured in the nightmares Another constant nightmare theme was biting on a boobjobbed boob and the jelly falling all over me like it does on Will Smith in MIB Anyway, where's Mrs Chamataka when I need her. Originally Posted by picklejuice. Tattoos and piercings on females look!!! It's a crappy fad that will leave scars however big or small!

Sign up or log in to share. I wouldn't recommend it. I'd want to be able to enjoy them in their natural state. I have never had the pleasure of playing with pierced nipples but when I see pictures of big tits with pierced nipples I think its sexy.

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