Erotic couple art

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9 Women Instagrammers Making Ridiculously Sexy Erotic Art

erotic couple art
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The Art Of Oral Sex

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9 Women Instagrammers Making Ridiculously Sexy Erotic Art


There is a right way and a wrong way to view the situation. The wrong way: A man and woman take sexual, revealing photos, post them on the internet and subtly bask in the attention of strangers. The right way: Australian couple and artistic duo, Mitch Gobel and Sally Mustang, view sex as it should be -- organic, beautiful and inspiring. Instead of squirreling away the precise subject that drives them to create, something that they both expressively value, the couple turns it into art. They take a leap and post images of their art on social media. And then, the internet goes into a frenzy. Instagram deletes their posts and enrages both the couple and their authentic fans.

When you think of the word erotica , it's entirely possible you still picture romance novel covers with Fabio shirtless by the ocean. And that totally counts! But fortunately, the medium has become a little more adventurous than that.

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