Googly eyes twerk

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googly eyes twerk
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DestinationKat Twerks With Googly Eyes

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Googly eyes on a butt dance

Accoutrements Anime Eyes Sleep Mask., Xoxo, RenataFlorist.

Googly eye twerking in slo-mo GIF

A unique multi-purpose device that can improve dancing capabilities, be used as a fitness training device or for party and entertainment purposes. The device will help the user learn how to do the dance properly and improve on by teaching them to move their hips in such a manner that would make the wiggly eye's pupils move when they shake their buttocks. This can also be used for cardio fitness training, party and entertainment. The belt wraps around the user's hips with wiggly eyes attached to the section of the belt going over the buttocks allowing the user to shake their buttocks in a way that will make the wiggly eye pupils to move, completing the twerking dance motion more effectively.


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