Exotic spanking stories

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exotic spanking stories
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NonConsent/Reluctance Stories

Fiction, based on the author's real-life experiences, which add realism to the poetry. - The room that Brenda and the other women were led into was large and ornately decorated with tapestries along the walls, plush carpet, and oak furniture.

Erotic Spanking Stories post

Although Lady Alice had been taken to task, quite severely, for her original flirtation with Jeremy Hayes Weston, this affair had not progressed but nonetheless there was a definite tug of attraction between the two of them., Presenting the next in the ongoing series of naughty games!

The Castle of Correction – BDSM Sex Story

Sex toys really do take experiences to another new level. When I bought it I felt like I was getting a bargain that will definitely bring to my pleasurable lifestyle some unlimited joy. At first, I was very skeptical about the idea of introducing an item associated with the BDSM sadism and masochism subculture as it had lines of spikes on the length of the shaft that appeared to be a little bit to intimidating. But I wanted to bring some spanking fun into my sexual relationships as curiosity led me to try it out anyway. I was really turned on by how overly confident the sex toy made me feel when I held it in my hands.

John — most of us knew him as Rollin. The man is a legend in the Spanking Romance genre—and has been writing spanking stories for well over 40 years. I was first introduced to him through Blushing Books, close to 27 years ago. He had stories that he posted in Her Woodshed. I can probably honestly say that he is the sole reason that I can read any dynamic. While preparing for this blog post, I read several of his stories on his blog and forgot how much I adored his website.

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  1. Alice had been visiting a shop renowned for its stock of exotic foods, spices and the like. She had in mind to organise a full-blown curry evening at the Manor.

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