Streamer nip slip

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korean twitch streamer nip slip

streamer nip slip
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Korean Twitch streamer nip slip. NSFW points 4mo ago Source Are you sick of your clips being taken down? Take back control using NeatClip.
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Twitch streamer 'thelilshan' has had her channel taken down after she fell asleep while broadcasting, with an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on show for viewers to see. Lil Shan had been streaming on the Amazon-owned platform on May 1 when the incident occurred, which quickly saw her stream ended, presumably by Twitch staff, and is no longer available. A viewer saved a short clip from the stream before it was promptly taken down, along with the rest of Lil Shan's content, and it quickly made the rounds on social media.

Twitch are usually quick to shut down any violations of their terms of service and have issued bans in the past for accidental slip-ups by streamers. PrincessDee was chatting with her followers when she decided to pick up her cat and hold her up for her viewers to properly see.

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