Boy with boy romance

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What’s the Buzz on Bad Boys?

boy with boy romance
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Office Boy Romance with Boss Sexy Wife in House

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My first foray into romance came in second grade. It wasn't romance, exactly, because we were only seven years old, but it was boy-girl.
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Nice guys are well, nice, but sometimes we want a little more spice. Enter the notorious bad boy—the dude we shouldn't want, but who nevertheless gets our hearts racing and our blood pumping.

It often seems that nuanced explorations of bisexuality on screen are few and far between.
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A Pit Boy's Romance is a British silent drama film directed by A.E. Coleby and Arthur Rooke and starring Jimmy Wilde, Tommy Noble and Arthur Rooke.
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Romance authors strive to create the ultimate hero with every story, a tall order when so many fabulous men have already captured the hearts of readers. One archetype we notice again and again in romance is the quintessential Bad Boy— a hero who might be tall, dark and dangerous, or maybe a rogue in need of reform. Perhaps this man is so popular because he presents such an enticing challenge. The more of an obstacle the hero provides, the more triumphant our heroine feels when she wins his heart.


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  1. Boys On Film explores the darker side of romance with a collection of edgy, controversial and sexy short films that have wowed film festival audiences the world.

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