Naxos nude beach

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Nudist beach close to Agia Anna (near the church..) - Picture of Agia Anna Beach, Naxos

naxos nude beach
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Hi we are going to Naxos next month, and we're enquiring if there are any nude beaches. When we visited Plaka beach last year there was an area in which everyone was nude -- I think it was towards the southern end of the beach.
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Beautiful Nude Beach - Plaka Beach

A popular island with some great possibilities for naturists. However, like many Greek islands, it can get busy in high season and established nude beaches can be taken over by textiles.

We have booked 3 weeks on Naxos from June 27th. We are staying in the Chora and will have a car , and we would like to know which beaches are naturist friendly, and which are best avoided. We have read that Plakka used to be the place to go, but that it is now over-run with textiles so we would appreciate any advice.
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I am going to Naxos and would like to know the best nudebeaches on Naxos. Walk a bit further from Agia Anna , to the Maragas. Last year there were lots of no-textiles at the litle tongue of land. Also along the Plaka area. Take the bus to the end stop, and walk a bit further. It is always a mix of textiles and no-textiles. There are nude beaches at agia anna below the church on the headland ,a little cove which leads to the top end of plaka beach before Paradisi restaurant,also agios prokopios towards the north end of beach past the sunbeds,mix of nudes and textiles,beautiful bay.

So, is it true that some parts are naturist and if so, does anyone know specifically which portions? Beach area just before you come to Maragras camping is for naturists. There is a sheltered cove just below the rocks as you come over the hill from Agia Anna and most naturists use this spot. There are no defined naturist beaches, though naturism is widely accepted.

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