Lesbians getting it on

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lesbians getting it on
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Lesbians getting it on

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9 misconceptions about lesbians

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Why are boringly straight women claiming to be lesbians?

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The Frisky -- There are a lot of misconceptions about lesbians. I'm confronted with them daily and, frankly, hearing this stuff is like getting smacked in the face with a wet rag. Usually, when someone fires off a stereotype, I am so shocked that I just stand there, staring, opening and closing my mouth like a big, dumb goldfish. So I'm going to take this opportunity to get up on my soapbox and stamp out all the stupid, ignorant misconceptions I have heard over the years. Hopefully, next time I hear one of these things I can eloquently explain why it's untrue rather than just stammering, "What!? Lesbians hate men.

D o lesbians have better sex than heterosexual women? Oh my God, yes! Women who sleep with women repeatedly report higher levels of sexual satisfaction in surveys and studies than women who have sex with men. A Public Health England survey of more than 7, women last month found that half of respondents aged between 25 and 34 did not enjoy their sex life. But previous global research suggests that women who have sex with women are probably more likely to be in the half that did not report sexual dissatisfaction. A much larger study in of 53, Americans by the Kinsey Institute recorded slightly different numbers, but with the same trends. So, where is lesbian sex going right for women where heterosexual sex is going wrong?

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