Kimberly kupps arrested

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Polk County couple arrested for homemade porn

kimberly kupps arrested
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The suit, which seeks a restraining order against Sheriff Grady Judd and his deputies, says that the sheriff's force has created a campaign of retaliation against a woman based on her beliefs as an athiest.
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Porn star Kimberly Kupps aka Theresa Taylor arrested

The arrest of a Polk County couple for making and distributing sex videos has me baffled as to the legality of shooting porn in Florida. Lakeland's reported that Theresa Taylor (aka Kimberly Kupps), 55, and her husband, Warren Taylor, 58, were arrested Friday night.
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The pair was arrested on June 3rd by their local Polk County Sheriff, it in , going with the name Kimberly Kupps (Kimberly since I liked.
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A woman has been arrested after police investigated home-made porn films she was allegedly making under the name Kimberly Kupps. Theresa Taylor 55 was allegedly make the porn films at her home in Florida, with her husband Warren Taylor 58 allegedly doing the camerawork while Taylor, or Kupps as she preferred to be known, got down with a series of men.

You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. Warren Taylor was booked on six counts each of wholesale promotion of obscene material and distribution of obscene material, a misdemeanor. Theresa Taylor was booked on six counts each of selling obscene material and distributing obscene material, both misdemeanors.

On June 3, , his deputies arrested Kimberly Kupps Theresa Taylor and her husband, Warren Taylor, charging them with various obscenity violations relating to the video content appearing on kimberlykupps. Judd has promised to go after anyone who "peddles smut" and to be all over them "like a cheap suit. Kupps is a well-known feature entertainer, and she has worked in the adult entertainment industry throughout the country for years, however she and her husband now face serious felony obscenity charges arising from the operation of her website. This charge is just the latest in a long pattern of hostility toward any sort of erotic expression by the Sheriff.

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