Tony gypsy cage fighter

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Danielle Mason reveals she needed therapy after her Big Fat Gypsy Wedding to Tony Giles crumbled

tony gypsy cage fighter
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EastEnders starís cage-fighter brother-in-law Ďis shot in the face over long-running gypsy feudí

Big Fat Gypsy Weddings star pictured kissing cage fighter husband as he hands himself into police

The blonde star, who shot to fame on the popular show, was pictured as she showed off a glowing tan in a light pink gilet, holding on to her man's hand as he walked inside. Former star of the show Giles, 30, was wanted in connection with a threats to kill offence and breaching the conditions of an injunction.
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Former glamour model Danielle Mason is doing everything she can to rid her ex-boyfriend from her life. The sister of EastEnders star Jessie Wallace was so in love with her "traveller man", Tony Giles, at one point that she had his name permanently inked on her side. But now that the relationship has ended, Danielle got in the tattooist's chair again to have his name covered up.

A Channel 5 documentary has been put on ice after its star was imprisoned during filming. Cage fighter Tony Giles was the star of an episode of upcoming fly-on-the-wall documentary Gypsies Next Door. The film crew followed the traveller, 34, to Guildford crown court on Wednesday where he was due to be sentenced for driving offences committed in January. Giles, who married former Page 3 girl Danielle Mason in , was confident he was going to be let off with a slap on the wrist and a tag at worst, a source said. The eight-part series focuses on several travellers and people linked with their community and is due to be screened in April.

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  1. Tony Giles, who is married to Wallace's sister Danielle Mason, was struck by the bullet under his left eye last Tuesday after fighting broke out.

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