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Bad Lads Army

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Extreme-ly Gay more like. ITV's limp-wristed delinquents' improvement scheme is so outrageously camp that when the boys marched into the woods I was certain Hampstead Heath heartthrob George Michael would be waiting in the undergrowth. Parkland prowler George must love this festival of homoerotica.

EricDeman has amazing footage of the sexy Bad Lads Army. Here hot-bodied army recruits are trained hard by brutish drill instructors who shout at them and make them continuously strip naked for embarrassing trials of manly will. First thing in the mornings the young army boys have to jump out of their bunks and pull their shorts down for inspection. See amazing real footage of military guys exposed at EricDeman!

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  1. Bad Lads Army 2 - Episode 2 - Sgt Rae's first billet inspection. by Andrew Strong. army lads get naked in iraq. by jimboREME1.

  2. Group doctor physical clip Bad Lads Army S2 E1 naked butts. BadLadsArmyRocks. Loading Unsubscribe from BadLadsArmyRocks? Cancel.

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