Naked octomom pics

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Octomom (Nadya Suleman)

naked octomom pics
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Octomom -- The 2012 Topless Photo Spread

Octomom Releases First Self-Pleasure Pics [PHOTOS]

The year-old mother-of said that she only accepted Closer magazine's offer to strip of for pictures out of "desperation" because she was going to be evicted from her house. Suleman told TMZ : "It was a choice.

Why Nadya Suleman , aka Octomom , would choose to expose her belly to the general public in full-color, close-up photos is something I definitely don't understand. But then, I've never really understood anything Suleman has done, so I guess that's no surprise. The actual pics, though, did come as a surprise. That was NOT the belly I was expecting, okay? Suleman released the shots over the weekend, after winning a boxing match for b-list celebs in Fort Lauderdale. Sure, why not?

Well, this was a wild week! While the light 'n' fluffy highlights include the return of Project Runway and a brand new Dancing With the Stars lineup to pore over, the rest was pretty sick 'n' twisted. So that's why all of Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart 's friends are hot—they might be asked to strip down and take a bath with the couple at any moment. The duo and gal-pal Kari Ann Peniche McSteamed up the blogosphere this week with a nude romp that Dane's lawyer vows isn't a sex tape—it just features boobs and a penis and stuff. We've talked to Kari Ann , compiled the top 9 celebrity skin tapes of all time and looked into why starring in a sex tape is actually a great move. So what's left for the police to do?

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