Naked galley slaves

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Sea-Wolves of the Mediterranean eBook

naked galley slaves
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Pirates of the ancient world did not build special vessels, but relied on whatever was locally available. They used all kinds of ships, but preferred light, shallow-bottomed galleys that were fast and easy to maneuver. If pirates were pursued, their shallow boats enabled them to sail over rocks near the shore, where larger vessels could not follow.

Rowing across the Atlantic Ocean may be an extreme test of human endurance but an all female crew who completed the feat discovered a secret tactic to ease the physical burden - rowing nude. Depictions of galley slaves show them rowing naked. Maybe this wasn't just a dehumanizing situation.
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Chapter XXII.
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But a storm was brewing, and a heavy sea got up., Aloft there!

The sea was dead calm and blue. At dawn there was a light mist from the swamps along the shores of Corfu, but the sun came brassy and hot and burned the ocean surface clean. Off Point Scorpha, two long lines of ships faced one another.

The main driving power of the galleys was supplied by the rowing element known as the ciurma. To say simply that the life of these rowers was hard would be to understate the facts as are best described by people who had actually served in this capacity. The officer in charge of the galley slaves stays aft with the Captain from whom he receives his orders. There are also two under-officers, one amidships and one at the prow. Both of these are armed with whips with which they flog the naked bodies of the slaves. When the Captain gives the order to row, the officer gives the signal with a silver whistle which hangs on a cord round his neck; the signal is repeated by the under-officers, and very soon all fifty oars strike the water as one.

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