Female celebrities with foot fetish

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12 Celebrities Who Have Foot Fetish

female celebrities with foot fetish
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Scarlett Moffatt reveals secret foot fetish and people are SHOCKED

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We want the big expensive houses, shiny brand new cars, and the love that just seems too good to be true. More and more stars are coming right out and admitting that they have a serious foot fetish when it comes to getting down and dirty in the bedroom. You might be surprised to hear some of the names on the list Well, what you might not know is that he has quite the foot fetish. An ex lover of the famous athlete was quoted saying, "Alex is a player, a big player who cannot go a night without getting laid. And he's got a big foot fetish.

Long before "never tweet" became the adage of the modern era, "never google yourself" was similarly useful advice. Well, you might find your southernmost appendages on a foot fetish website. These are 21st century risks. Tatiana Ikasovic, a Sydney-based actress, has recently come to grips with the Internet's ability to fixate on the physical minutiae of women and turn it into a cottage industry.

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