Is fuckbook genuine

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Fuckbook Review

is fuckbook genuine
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Fuckbook Reviews

We have received 23 "friends requests" from attractive looking supposedly local girls., Not for finding a partner for life, or even for dating.

Is Fuckbook a scam?

This is a giant scam. There are few if any active users. I registered and received a load of friend requests and messages so I paid up.

Fuckbook is a hookup community for the social media age. But how does it compare to a typical NSA hook-ups dating site? We've often wondered what effect social networks have on dating sites, and whether there is a place in our lives for both. Fuckbook has tried to answer this by creating what is essentially a social dating site.

A lot of people are intimidated by the idea of online dating, and that makes sense. There is plenty that could go wrong when you mix the already confusing and nerve-racking territory of human love with computers and the internet which is why you need to get an outside opinion like this Fuck Book review.

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