Veiny feet heels

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veiny feet in high heel clogs

veiny feet heels
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High heels or barefoot

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From Madonna to Sarah Jessica Parker, the glamorous stars whose feet are their Achilles heel

How to Treat Spider Veins on the Feet & Ankles

Most high heels are uncomfortable. Even your best, most luxurious pair will leave your feet aching after a couple hours of walking.
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By Claire Cisotti for the Daily Mail. - You may have had bruises that temporarily turned part of your skin a shade of black, blue, or purple.

What's with the ads? The trouble isn't the heels, it's my veiny feet! It's not attractive. What do I do?

Maybe you've seen them before: blue or purple squiggles on grown-ups' legs that look like lines on a roadmap. And maybe you thought, "What the heck are those?

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