Why wont my girlfriend swallow

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My Girlfriend Won't Swallow When She Blows Me!

why wont my girlfriend swallow
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Best friends mom wont let me leave until she swallows my cum

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Why won't my girlfriend swallow

Log in or Sign up., I have been going out with my gilfriend for 3 years and I really want her to swallow my cum.

My girlfriend doesn't like to swallow

Dude, my girlfriend doesn't let me finish in her mouth either, don't force her if she doesn't want to, just be a happy bunny that you're getting your.
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Girlfriend won't swallow

Sign up or log in to share. Maybe it's just me. But this is one area in which I think girls need to get over themselves. The truth is that most guys would go to incredible lengths and do almost anything to pleasure their girl, and sometimes it might even involve doing things they're not totally into. Sex is about give and take. I'm sure you do things that you might not especially like to pleasure your girlfriend, and she should be wiling to do the same. What are a few seconds of discomfort when the result is pleasing your loved one.

Also: When is it too soon to go down on someone? Healthy straight male here.

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  1. Healthy straight male here. The problem is twofold: My girlfriend doesn't like come in her mouth and she feels that doggy-style is objectifying to.

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