How to get more cum

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How to Produce More Sperm

how to get more cum

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Do Products to Increase Semen Volume Work?

Ejaculating when you have sex is an important natural phenomenon. - At its best, sex should be something that we're always working to get better at and to make better for our partners.

But TRT has been linked to lower sperm count , and Ted and his wife were trying to get pregnant.
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Why Guys Are Spending Thousands of Dollars a Year to Produce More Semen

It affects about one in every six couples, and researchers estimate about one in every three cases is due to fertility problems in the male partner alone 1 , 2. While infertility is not always treatable, it can sometimes be improved with a healthy diet, supplements and other lifestyle strategies.

Skip to content. My GF enjoys having my ejaculate on her having me cum on her and I was wondering if there was any way to increase the amount of ejaculate my body produces? I know I shouldn't compare myself to Porn stars, but they seem to ejaculate a lot. Ejaculate also called semen or more casually, cum is made up of different products from the internal reproductive system of those assigned male at birth. While many people associate the number of sperm with the amount of ejaculate, sperm only make up about five percent of cum! This slurry of organic compounds from the seminal vesicles is actually what makes up the bulk of ejaculate.

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