Plum blossom korean movie watch online

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Plum Blossom

plum blossom korean movie watch online
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Plum Blossom (film)

Kim Ja-hyo, a teenage boy, moves to a new high school in his senior year. His classmate Jeong Ha-ra seduces him, and he loses his virginity with her.
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A young man tries to make sense of his conflicting emotions concerning love and sex in this coming-of-age drama from South Korea. Ha Ra throws herself at Ja Hyo, but he is unable to return her love after they've slept together. Ha Ra falls into a deep depression and commits suicide; shocked and saddened, Ja Hyo finds himself unable to commit to a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. He becomes involved with Nam Ok Bae Doo na , an older woman working as a nurse, but while Ja Hyo isn't sure if he's ready for a long-term relationship, Nam Ok isn't about to let him get away from her. Add Synopsis In Portuguese. MDL v5 en.


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