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??? (2014) Movie Online Streaming In HD

?? ? full movie
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movies. ??? ABERDEEN. by: ??. Publication date: Topics: Aberdeen. Aberdeen. Identifier: ABERDEEN_ Scanner: Internet.
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??? (2014) Full Movie Free Online

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Aberdeen (???, Pang Ho-cheung, 2014)

ABERDEEN (???) (2014)

Families, eh? Too much history, not enough past. Grandpa Dong Ng Man-tat , a Taoist priest, lost grandma a long time ago and is now in a relationship with Ta Carrie Ng , a night club hostess. In fact, bad karma was one of the reasons his dad got him apprenticed to a relative who trained him up to be a Taoist priest so he could atone for generations of sin but it seems like the well ran far too deep.

Likewise, the Cheng family embodies a microcosm of our city, with its contradictions between modernity and traditions, family and individuality. Aberdeen is at once intimate and sprawling, revealing uniquely troubled characters, from the eldest, the Taoist priest patriarch Dong, to the youngest, the bullied elementary schooler Chloe.

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  1. All of Pang Ho-Cheung's strengths and weaknesses are on display in this all-star family drama that doesn't fully deliver on its promise.

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