Legend of nine tailed fox full movie

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Legend of Nine Tails Fox (2016)

legend of nine tailed fox full movie
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Legend of Nine Tails Fox is a Chinese television series based on six tales in Strange The drama is separated into six plots based on the corresponding stories in the Strange . Shi becomes suspicious of the Weng family's behavior, and realizes the whole family are foxes; he reluctantly saves her family from the wolf.
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Legend of Nine Tails Fox (2016)

Synopsis: The drama will have six completely different stories… what? I wanted one whole story full of epic moments and lovely scenes… Sad Here is a quick summary of each story:.

The legend first originated centuries ago in China. Koreans view the gumiho as a purely evil creature. According to the legend, foxes that live a thousand years become gumihos.
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Gumiho: Legend of the Nine-Tailed Fox

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User Name., It originally aired 2 episodes daily on Hunan TV , Sunday through Tuesday at as well as simultaneously broadcast online on Youku , Tencent , Sohu and iQiyi ; [2] the drama was directed by Liu Yufen, Gao Linbao and Xu Huikang, and stars an ensemble cast of actors.

Legend of Nine Tails Fox Episode 1

She is later saved by mortal, A Xiu, who takes the fox back to her father's shop. After her father forces A Xiu to move away and marry another man, Hua Yue lies and tells Liu that she had died. This prompts Liu to attempt suicide, but is later saved by Hua. Fearing that he will kill himself again, she turns herself into A Xiu's form to buy time before A Xiu comes back.


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