Dandupalyam movie 3

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Dandupalyam 3 Preview

dandupalyam movie 3
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Dandupalyam 3

Dandupalya 3 or 3 is a Indian Kannada-language crime thriller film directed by Srinivasa Raju and produced by Ram Talluri. Based on the infamous dacoit.
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DandupalyaM 3 Movie Kannada Full HQ 2018 Part - 1

Dandupalya is a Indian Kannada -language crime film , starring Pooja Gandhi and Raghu Mukherjee in the leading roles. The plot is based on the real-life exploits of a notorious gang named ' Dandupalya '. A sequel to the film Dandupalya 2 , was announced in July , and began production on 24 March Srinivas Raju directed the film. It was released on July 14, , to decent reviews by critics and audience. Again Pooja Gandhi played the main character in this film. Arjun Janya was the music director and the cinematography was handled by Venkat Prasad.

Like in the first two parts, the final one also narrates the story of Dandupalyam gang, but this time, the viewers get it from a different perspective, that one from the police side. In this movie, it all begins with a journalist interviewing Dandupalyam gang in the jail and publishing a news story on them based on their inputs as to how they were framed by the police with manipulated evidences. After reading the story, Chalapathi who is behind the arrest of the gang, reveals his version in detail to the journalist, which starts with their history dated from and ends in present time! Though the movie is packed with two hours run time, the storytelling style makes it appear to be a long stretched marathon. The first half dwells into the history of Dandupalyam team, their ancestors and how they evolve as coldblooded murderers while after the intermission, the focus moves to the core of the present movie.

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  1. Dandupalya 3 or 3 [2] is a Indian Kannada -language crime thriller film directed by Srinivasa Raju and produced by Ram Talluri.

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