Spock x uhura

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Spock/Uhura (AOS)

spock x uhura

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Oh, On the Starship Enterprise

It really breaks my heart in Beyond when Uhura offers to give Spock his necklace back, that tiny smile and kiss when he refuses. She knows he loves her.

Initially introduced as student and teacher, later scenes establish that Spock and Uhura are also linked romantically Uhura comforts Spock with a hug; in a later scene, the two share a kiss.
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Story Story Writer Forum Community., Nyota, you mistake my choice not to feel as a reflection of my not caring.

In , she sang two different versions of the song, accompanied by Mr. Shortly after Uhura and Spock ended their rendition, Charlie Evans , who had recently come aboard the Enterprise , entered the crew lounge. Uhura began to sing again to the same melody, but adapted the lyrics to comment on Charlie and romantic feelings she believed he had for Yeoman Janice Rand. TOS : " Charlie X ".

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Spock and Uhura Academy days. Focus: Movies Star Trek: , Since: Nyota and Spock in his quarters.

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