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Judge Sentences Porn Producer Paul Little, aka Max Hardcore, To 46 Months In Prison

max hardcore evil
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Max Hardcore, a pornographer known for very violent degrading porn I am not a bad person because violent degrading porn turns me on.
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"Buttman's" porn obscenity trial: Why it matters

Max Hardcore, a pornographer known for very violent degrading porn just got sentenced to more than three years in prison for obscenity. But the charges that got him thrown in jail are bullshit.

John Stagliano, better known throughout his long career simply as "Buttman," is a pornographer. And today, Stagliano is something else: a defendant. District Court in over two decades. And you thought the fight against pornography died with 's Meese Report. Au contraire, smut-mongers. Pornography has had its day in court before, notably in 's Miller v. California , which established the three criteria for a work to be deemed "obscene.

An old controversy has arisen over pornography; not the usual ruck about whether it is harmful to women, but a debate over the viewing of women being abused during the making of it. This Monday UK Feminista is screening the documentary Hardcore, which offers a horrifying glimpse into the industry. First screened on Channel 4 in , it follows Felicity, a year-old single mother living in the UK, who is desperate to make money to improve her daughter's opportunities. She is invited by a porn agent to meet movers and shakers in the so-called US 'adult industry'.

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