Super troopers hot scene

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super troopers hot scene

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Police officers and pot enthusiasts don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but you can expect members of both groups to flock to theaters when Super Troopers 2 debuts this weekend. Set to open on April 20, the sequel to the comedy reunites audiences with Farva, Rabbit and the rest of the hilarious Vermont state troopers as they venture across the Canadian border for another wacky adventure. While the world has changed a lot since the cult classic original first hit the silver screen, the Broken Lizard troupe hopes that the upcoming follow-up will once again serve as a unifying force between their diverse fan base.
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‘Super Troopers 2’ Film Review: The Laughs Catch in Your Throat in Kooky-Cop Sequel

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Super Troopers 2 cast on uniting cops and stoners, Rob Lowe's raunchy scene

In this sequel a group of quirky former police officers face a dilemma when the mayor and residents of a French-Canadian town on the US border object to being annexed by the US.
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Altered State Police: An Oral History of ‘Super Troopers’

The scene begins with a familiar set-up — a Vermont Highway Patrolman pulls over a vehicle full of pot smokers — and then ploughs through one outlandish reversal after another. That degree of madcap inanity could probably never be sustained over long periods of time without becoming exhausting. A mysterious incident in their past has destroyed their law enforcement careers, but they are brought back together again by a bizarre revelation: a small chunk of Canada along the Vermont border has, due to an oversight, actually been part of America all this time. A police force is needed to help make the transition, and every other cop in Vermont already has their own territory, so the troopers are the only ones available to take the gig on short notice. Scholarly papers should be written about the comedic versatility of a character like Farva. But of course, Farva makes that kind of joke all the time. The Canadian-stereotype gags are pervasive to the point that they eventually play less like good-natured ribbing and more like lazy joke-writing and willful ignorance.

With that said, it's time to gear up because we're going in-- and you may not like what you find. The whole reason that the humans have to fly out to space and kick some bug butt is because of the bug's supposed attack on Buenos Aires.

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