Mandy flores bet

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mandy flores bet
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You are my girlfriend and you're sitting on the couch with legs crossed moving your leg and foot around and you're telling me about this really cocky guy at your work who keeps telling you that he's better in bed than me and he'd be the best cock you've ever had and totally own your pussy. You're laughing because you know there is no way he can be as good as he says he is and you're tempted to embarrass him at work and prove to all the girls there he's a loser in the sack and you totally want to deflate his ego. You then realize a "great" idea would to make a bet with him. That you'd fuck him and if you make him cum first he has to pay for a trip for us to go on and admit to everyone at work just how great you are and how terrible he is.

He tells you to come over and suck his dick. You say not a chance in hell. He tells you that your parents will love to find the dildo and pot then.

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