Best sexploitation films of all time

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Most Popular Sexploitation Film Movies and TV Shows

best sexploitation films of all time
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7 Jiggliest Sexploitation Movies

Sex sells. - Yes, there are movies that strive to make social change, and then there are movies that just want to show you a good time!

Exploitation cinema is a sleazy United Nations. A genre rooted in nudie reels of the silent era, sexploitation had its golden age in the s as the sexual revolution pushed the boundaries of cinematic depictions of nudity.
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Sign in. Unrated min Drama, History. Details the graphic and shocking, yet undeniably tragic story of Rome's most infamous Caesar, Gaius Germanicus Caligula.
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Sexploitation def : Exploitative use of explicit sexual material in movies and the media. While many of these films sported impossibly lurid titles, in truth "sexploitation" films were amazingly tame in terms of sexual content. The idea was to exploit the concept of sex without violating long-standing cultural and legal taboos against showing it all on the screen. These films were one of the biggest subgenres in Exploitation Cinema. Thanks to an increasing frankness in the content of many foreign films during the late s and early Sixties, American Exploitation cinema found itself competing with a new market for more erotic celluloid thrills. In response, a small group of filmmakers - largely centered in New York - began to producing a new strain of black and white, no-budget pot boiler centered on the trials and tribulations of young women engulfed in a world of unregulated sexual passions.

Skip the romantic comedies and watch a series of sexploitation films that feature steamy softcore sex, strange storylines, and compelling cinematography. Girl Slaves of Morgana Le Fay. Two young women in the French countryside are taken to an enchantress in a castle. She offers them immortality for their souls and a lifetime of torment, should they refuse. Meyer deals with issues of race, politics, and other taboo subjects in a straightforward manner. Film critic Roger Ebert wrote of the film:.

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  1. Sexploitation films are vehicles for soft-core porn, and lots of it, so their casts tend to be 10 Best Video Game Documentaries Of All Time.

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