Girl from offer up commercial

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OfferUp TV Commercial, 'Like a Game'

girl from offer up commercial
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OfferUp TV Commercial, 'Traditional & Modern'

Finding furniture for their new house was a challenge for this couple because, when it comes to style, he likes modern and she's more traditional. - While they stand near the bottom of a staircase, a couple explains that OfferUp is kind of like a game.

OfferUp TV Commercial, 'Friends'

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Though we know their iconic faces and taglines , we know so little about the actors behind TV's most memorable commercials. Get to know more about the spokespeople selling you insurance, fast food, mobile plans and more. Remember the Bugle Boy Jeans Woman?

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  1. She's also in the other ad spot "Friends" where they're on their front porch. She looks JUST like that girl from The Real World Hawaii. Except.

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