Girls with there legs open

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girls with there legs open
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Is this wide-legged stance a male physical need, or a learned behavior?
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Jump to navigation. Right from the growing up years, most women are tutored into adopting the ''right'' sitting posture, which would mean, sitting with their legs crossed or at least keeping them closer. Sitting in a certain way is what defines a woman's modesty, among other such attributes that are ingrained into her way of life by the society. However, this has made a lot of women juxtapose their practised way of sitting to that of men, thus questioning their casual way of sitting with legs spread apart. This, in turn, sparked off debates about the right to space, with most men occupying more area, especially in public transports, as compared to women.

Whilst lesser known, the act of "manspreading" is arguably a far more offensive crime - so much so that it was recently banned in Madrid. Now, experts are justifying the abominable act, attributing a man's intrinsic need to spread himself on the physiological differences between men and women. It is a behaviour that is commonly spotted on public transport. Many were quick to condemn that "practice" when it first came onto the rhetorical scene in , as representative of a misogynistic patriarchy i.

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