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italian girl meme
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This Woman Killed Herself After Her Leaked Sex Tape Became A Meme

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Her mother cried and had to be supported as her casket was placed into a vehicle. The suicide of a year-old Italian woman has ignited debate about revenge porn laws, after her leaked sex tape became a viral meme online. RIP tizianacantone What a tragic story!!

An Italian woman who was subjected to online abuse after explicit images and a video of her were widely shared across the country has killed herself. Footage of year-old Tiziana Cantone, from Naples, performing a sex act on a man was uploaded to the internet in spring Jeering comments, edited screenshots and cruel video parodies, many of which used her full name, turned her intimate act into a viral internet meme. The online ridicule was often centered on one short, throwaway phrase of Ms Cantone's, captured in the original footage: "You're making a video? Nice one. A number of rumours posted online about her were reported by the media, such as claims she was trying to become a professional porn star. Tormented by the mimicry, she moved house and changed her name.

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