Pookie club penguin

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Pookie Ages

pookie club penguin
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Things To Do With Pookies

It was very successful and has garnered millions of users. - Many penguins found the idea of being a pookie to be fun.

A pookie is a baby on Club Penguin. Pookies are often seen in the Pet Shop saying things like "pwease pick me!" and acting cute. Pookies wear the color yellow.
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Pookies don't stay young forever. Some of them "age up", or transition, to the next phase of life. A pookie is usually zero to eight years old. Nine and ten-year-old pookies are uncommon, but still possible.

In Club Penguin, Pookies age. It is a part of almost every single life of a Club Penguin Pookie. Pookie ages usually range from 0 to Rarely, Pookies may grow up more than 11 years old. Pookies most of the times choose their age in their roleplays. However, these ages do not actually match to how a real person behaves in such age. As mentioned before, Pookies choose their ages on their own.

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