Lagertha lothbrok actress

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What Is Katheryn Winnick’s Net Worth and What Is She Known For?

lagertha lothbrok actress
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Vikings’ Katheryn Winnick shows off life-like Lagertha fan tattoos and we’re impressed

The Lagertha actress wanted the world to appreciate the inkings her fans get for her History Channel queen and we can hardly argue with that. In true Vikings spirit though, the thing was turned into a bloodbath competition, as Katheryn took to her Stories on Thursday to ask her followers to vote on which tattoo was the better. She kicked things off by sharing a rather large back tattoo which sported Lagertha and Ragnar Lothbrok played by Travis Fimmel.

Katheryn Winnick is a Canadian actress. She is known for her roles in Amusement (), She also joined History Channel's Vikings, starring in the role of Lagertha, a legendary figure in Viking history. In July , Winnick stated on her.
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Katheryn Winnick

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Everyone knows that the cast of Vikings looks as sexy as Thor while covered in mud and blood. But strip away all the fierce makeup, finely-tuned hairstyles, and intricate tattoos, and these Norse warriors are just like the rest of us… if, of course, we were all beautiful underwear models, black belts, producers' children, or members of actor-filled families. Sure, they look the part while fitting right into the Viking Age of history, but here's what these 21st-century actors look like in real life, as well as where they really come from.

Katheryn Winnick is a beautiful Canadian actress, director, and producer. Winnick is well known for her role as Lagertha in the critically acclaimed series Vikings. Her lead role in the show has made Winnick a household name as the fierce and passionate Lagertha who will do anything for what she thinks is right for her people , including murdering anyone that stands in her way. Winnick was born in in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

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