Miley bent over

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Miley Cyrus Poses for Magazine in a Nude Leotard (Oh, And a Penis Drawn on the Crotch)

miley bent over
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Miley Cyrus criticised for raunchy MTV Video Music Awards performance

MILEY Cyrus is back to her cheeky best in her latest music video which sees her get spanked by the Easter Bunny and show off her nipples in a sheer dress. The American singer, 25, takes the Easter theme to the extreme as she frolics in a pink leotard with a fluffy bunny tail before being bent over the bunny's knee.

Miley spent a significant portion of her show scantily clad in extremely compromising positions that had us thinking pretty much about only one thing: how it seemed just so similar to porn. A porn starring the one and only Miley Cyrus.
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7 Times Miley Cyrus Actually Had a Really Good Point

Miley Cyrus wants Britney Spears to join her twerk party!
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Her engagement to Liam Hemsworth had been called off, bringing a temporary end to their four-year relationship. And her now-infamous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards—you know, the one with the twerking in Robin Thicke 's crotch—only seemed to solidify the notion that Miley couldn't, in fact, be tamed.

While the apotropaic function of the Gorgon is usually attributed to the directness of her gaze one that is highly unusual in Greek art , depictions of Gorgons—including their most famous representative, Medusa —in archaic art frequently include an additional provocation in the form of a tongue. Over time, however, depictions of the Gorgon shifted dramatically to portray these figures with typically feminine, even beautiful, features while retaining her uncompromisingly confrontational gaze. You can see a great timeline visualizing this evolution on the MET website. That this feature of her iconography is unique to this period, and a feature unique to the Gorgon in particular, makes it all the more intriguing, as it suggests a fleeting but pervasive mode of representing female transgressiveness. We, especially as children, might stick out our tongues in response to something offensive or unwelcome. And, of course, the gesture in the right context may appear sexually charged. A good illustration of the latter comes in the form of Miley Cyrus, a figure who, like the Gorgon, also exhibits a dramatic shift in her public image.

Pot, hot dogs and way too many crop tops — that's what comes to mind when you imagine Miley Cyrus in a post-VMA world. But for someone so desperately rebranding herself as an in-your-face sex icon, Cyrus possesses a surprising depth of character.

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  1. Thought you could escape Miley Cyrus' tongue-wagging, twerk-tastic Bangerz tour? Think again. Miley takes her over-the-top show overseas to.

  2. Her engagement to Liam Hemsworth had been called off, bringing a temporary end to their four-year relationship. And then, on October 4, , Bangerz, her fourth studio album, dropped and things really got weird. And then I'll maybe go back to running around being crazy.

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