Boonk gang face

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Rapper Boonk Recovers from Broken Jaw Surgery After Getting Punched

boonk gang face
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Boonk gang

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Rapper John Gabbana -- aka Boonk -- is on the mend after getting socked in the face, which left him with a busted jaw
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Boonk Gang Says His Jaw Will Be Wired Shut For 6 Weeks After Getting Punched in the Face

Boonk is known for getting into some tough spots, but this is out there. As you wake up in the morning and begin the day ahead, you'll most likely be sipping your coffee and scrolling through Facebook and Instagram to see what you've missed out on overnight; often, it's memes and "trouble sleeping" posts. On the daily, you'll probably encounter a bunch of prank videos though, and if this rings any bells, then you may recognise Boonk as a familiar face, or at least have heard his name.

Boonk Gang is on the road to recovery after getting punched in the face so hard that he broke his jaw in two different places and lost several teeth. The social media star, known for his controversial pranks and shenanigans, has been laying low recently and keeping off the scene after he allegedly shot himself last year and got into a fight with a videographer on the set of a music video.
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Boonk Gang Net Worth, Height, Bio, Facts

A RAPPER has revealed the agony of having his jaw wired shut and not being able to speak after he was battered in a prank gone wrong.
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What happened to Boonk? Watch the punch video here!



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  1. Earlier this week, the social media menace turned rapper was seen in a viral video getting punched in the face.

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