Angel kof cosplay

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K.O.F Sexy ANGEL 1/8 Scale Figure The King of Fighters

angel kof cosplay
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Angel and Shermie both have the largest bust measurement of all the KOF SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy - outfit appears as a costume for Kula Diamond .
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I'm talking about Juby Headshot's awesome cosplay of Angel I didn't mean it as a negative. I was pointing out how great it is.

Angel is a character of the King of Fighters game series. I expect to see a lot sexy fan arts of Angel here in the future and hope she will be back somewhen in the game series as well.
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Angel King of Fighters 14 moves, tips and combos

Angel is a unique character mostly based on mixing your opponent. She is quite fast, has a decent mixing plan and has unique moves Unchain start and motions the two supers. Her counter super and her command grab help her to get more effective in the fight but her main moves will be the Unchain, Red Sky and the Real Wave. Her EX moves aren't that important, making her great on Point if you have the execution. Middle and Anchor position is good too since it is hard to strike massive damage with her supers. Since she is one of the most execution-heavy characters like Vanessa, has no reversal, slow Unchain starts and has a really short range, Angel will have a hard time to get in a zoner defense and to get out of pressure. She sometimes struggle to strike good damages and she does have some flaws on some of her move slow command grab, some bad normal moves like Cr.

Developers state her design was conceived based purely on her designer's personal "preferences". Angel and Shermie both have the largest bust measurement of all the KOF females 92 cm. She is assigned to keep an eye on the experiment K , whose purpose is to hunt down traitorous experiments that had left NESTS. During the final moments of the tournament, it is revealed that both Angel and K are actually on a mission to kill Kula Diamond and her guardians. While it is implied that Foxy is injured by them, this ending is considered non-canon. According to the novel, both she and K disappear in the aftermath, their whereabouts unknown. Angel is a lighthearted, flirtatious, and playful individual who behaves like a cat, in spite of her working status as an assassin for NESTS prior the organization disbandment.

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  1. Juby Headshot’s sexy cosplay of Angel from “The King of Fighters” will melt your screen away | N4G

  2. There are cosplay photos tagged with "Angel (????)" of THE KING OF FIGHTERS. Photos that tagged with it's series are also submitted with tag Mai Shiranui (), Kula Diamond (), Iori Yagami (), Mai Shiranui (), K' ().

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