Cute gay short films

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27 LGBT Movies That Actually Have Happy Endings

cute gay short films

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Young James struggles as the outsider kid at his school.
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Gay Short Films

I like them because they are about the entire community., If it wasn't someone struggling as they tried to come to terms with being gay usually with tragic consequences , it was someone losing their battle with AIDS or being attacked or murdered for being who they are.

20 Gay Short Films Everyone Should See

BOY I can never not re-watch this film, I love it so. This is a story of a teen, Emilia, who feels trapped in his own body. It depicts the difficulties of being a transgender in a regressive society.

The visuals are unbelievable and the story is warm and vulnerable, and leaves you with your heart full and smiling for days. It spans the course of 10 years as we follow Laurence's life and love. It's a visually stunning film raw and beautifully told. It's a refreshing, heartwarming, and poetic story that moves you in a positive way.


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