Heather graham boogie nights scene

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‘Boogie Nights’ Star Heather Graham Details ‘Uneasy’ Harvey Weinstein Encounter

heather graham boogie nights scene

Heather Graham Boogie Nights

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Boogie Nights

Answer: When it's a Paul Thomas Anderson film. And that's the trouble with Anderson's "Boogie Nights", an ambitious exploration of the American porno film industry.


Jack Horner: Wait a minute. You come into my house, my party, to tell me about the future?
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Heather Graham has done a lot of movies in which she isn't naked and wearing roller-skates., Sign in.

The year was The Zimas were flowing, there were frosted tips as far as the eye could see, and Night Ranger's power ballad "Sister Christian" was suddenly cool again. Why, you ask? Mark Wahlberg played a down-and-out nobody reborn as adult industry legend named Dirk Diggler, his nom de porn a reference to his freakishly large dong.

It made her a movie star.

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