Keira knightley lesbian kiss

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Keira Knightley reveals why she wanted to tone down the lesbian sex in her new film

keira knightley lesbian kiss
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Keira Knightley & Eleanor Tomlinson - Colette (2018)

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Once Colette realises her husband is incapable of remaining faithful, she counters that she will have affairs, too. He insists she not sleep with the male of the species but women are fine. The decision was not hers alone.
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True story of Colette - Keira Knightley's lesbian kisses as a gender-bending Moulin Rouge showgirl

'I didn't want the lesbian sex scenes to be seen through the male . Keira Knightley on why she won't let her child watch Nutcracker film .. of girlfriend Morgan Brown as the on-off couple share a kiss after sushi dinner in LA.
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Keira Knightley and Hayley Atwell in The Duchess

IT took a lot to shock the Parisian crowd at the notorious Moulin Rouge. Such a furore could have ended most careers but this author, known only as Colette, thrived on scandal. The French loved her because, in the buttoned-up early years of the 20th century, she wrote about sex and practised it with gusto.

She loved to eat sushi, went to an acupuncturist, and even famously had a facelift in the s when she was in her mid 40s. At a time when 19th century French ladies were constrained by corsets and edicts of etiquette and decorum, the beautiful and searingly-clever Colette courted controversy with her freethinking and debauched lifestyle, throwing caution and often her clothes to the wind. Taking a leaf out of her own book, she had three husbands, many lesbian affairs, and when she retired from cavorting around half naked on stage in the name of art, turned her cougar attentions to younger men, including her teenage stepson. Unworldly village girl Colette was just 16 years old when she met year-old Henry Gauthier-Villars in Burgundy and was seduced by the notorious Parisien playboy. The couple were married four years later in before the dashing cad, played by Dominic West in the film, whisked her back to his Paris lair. When she refused to continue writing, Henry reverted to Victorian husband and locked her in a room until she put pen to paper again.

But did you know that its famously tangled interconnecting couples once featured a lesbian love story? Watch the full scenes featuring Anne Reid and Frances de la Tour, plus Curtis' introduction right here. In the scenes, Anne Reid plays the rather frosty headmistress of the school attended by the children of Emma Thompson's character, Karen. The first of three scenes shows Reid's headmistress coming home to her partner, Geraldine, played by Frances de la Tour. Geraldine is clearly very ill but played with typically infectious energy and charm by de la Tour.

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