El cazador dela web

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el cazador dela web
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Desert Sunset - Yuki Kajiura - El Cazador de la Bruja

An amnesiac fugitive and a bounty hunter team up to search for clues to the fugitive's past. Ellis bids farewell just the pieces of her past are falling into place and allies are gathering.

El Cazador Italiano, Antigua

We used to like this place, they have good pizza. Some of their options include DOP ingredients which you normally don't find in Guatemala.

Nadie is a bounty hunter who is after a young girl named Ellis. Nadie goes with her as they travel south to find some answers. The appearance of their surroundings gives the feeling that they are traveling through Arizona and Mexico area on their travels. Nadie and Ellis run into various dangers including other bounty hunters and a secret society, as well as a few re-occurring friends that help them out from time to time. Summary: Great show with some good story plots as well as some simply fun episodes.

Luckily, Nadie is not about to kill her, but instead sets herself up as Ellis' bodyguard on her journey to find out more about her Mysterious Past.

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