Breastfeeding to husband during pregnancy in islam

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Part One: A Study on the Legal Issues of Breastfeeding (Ridha?)

breastfeeding to husband during pregnancy in islam
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Background: Fasting during Ramadan is compulsory in the Muslim faith. Although pregnant women may be exempted, many still choose to fast because of a confluence of social, religious and cultural factors. Objective: Little is known about the physiological effects of fasting during Ramadan on the mother or unborn baby, and thus nurses and other health-care providers are faced with the difficult task of providing appropriate medical advice to Muslim women regarding the safety and impact of their fasting.

Breast-feeding practice has an important medical and socio-cultural role. Breast-feeding has been given much attention by religions and taboos, folklore, and misconception abound around it making it a topic of genuine curiosity. This paper aims at expanding the spectrum of folklore associated with breast-feeding. The paper deals with historical, religious, and folkloristic aspects of breast-feeding, especially wet-nursing, in Islam and focuses on an intriguing Islamic tale on breast-feeding - lactation by non-pregnant women or non-puerperal lactation. Apparently, accounts of non-puerperal lactation are not restricted to Islam but have been documented in various societies and religions throughout centuries.

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